Monthly Archives: October 2013

Canberra and Sydney Camp success!

After more than 6 months of planning, fundraising and building excitement, 56 Year 9 and 10 students, 9 staff members and one parent flew out of Port Hedland across our wide continent to begin the inaugural Hedland Senior High School Canberra and Sydney Camp. It was a cool 12oC when the group landed in the […]

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Investigating Pendulum Motion

In the first few weeks of Term 4 students in the Year 10 ATAR pathway investigated the motion of a swinging pendulum. Their aim was to determine the factors that contribute the time it takes a pendulum to complete one full swing. The students conducted their investigation in a very scientific manner and seemed puzzled […]

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Students Conduct an Eggsperiment

In the last week of school in Term 3 Year 10 students were given the task of building a structure that will protect an egg from 2-storey drop. This project relates to Newton’s Laws of Motion, which forms part of the Year 10 Physics course. Unfortunately none of the eggs survived, but the participating students […]

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