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Woodwork students produce the goods

The students in Mr Cunningham’s 1CMDT-W finished off thier year with a project that allowed them to design towards thier own personal needs. The students were given the task of designing a storage box and through the use of an online portfolio, they digitally developed thier projects, eventually taking thier designs to the workshop to produce a collection […]

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Emotional Portraiture

Lighting plays a huge part in a photographer’s career. Sometimes they don’t have access to lighting equipment and are reliant on their understanding of composition and how to use available natural light effectively. Students have designed and photographed an array of emotions paying particular attention to how the light has been used to capture a […]

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Macro Mania

Task 4 in year 9 photography has learners working with a clear understanding of how ‘Depth of Field’ can be manipulated. Using lighting techniques and a good macro lens photographers can take meticulous images of everyday Items and some so close that only part of the object is in the frame, leaving the viewer wondering […]

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