LEAP   Year 7-8 and Year 9


10AE    Year 10

Ensuring excellence in teaching and learning for all students is a priority for Hedland SHS. It is with this focus that the school offers the LEAP (Learning Extension Academic Program) and AE (Academic Extension) special pathways for students in Year 7 -10. These pathways have limited places and are filled through a selection criteria. Whilst the LEAP and AE programs cover similar material to that covered in other MESH (Mathematics, English, Science and Humanities) classes, students complete extension tasks and are given opportunities to demonstrate deeper understanding and engagement with topics.

The LEAP and AE programs provide students with the opportunity to maximise their educational opportunities. The program is more demanding and students must have a positive attitude and work ethic to benefit from participating in the curriculum. Being a successful applicant for this program does not preclude students from accessing other specialist programs within the school.It is the School’s expectation that students involved in the pathway class not only strive for their best in an academic sense, but also provide leadership outside of the classroom by the values and behaviour they exhibit.Students are expected to attend school regularly, complete homework as required and ensure that all tasks are completed to the best of their ability.

Students’ placement in these programs is reviewed at the end of each semester. All students in Year 6/7 are given the opportunity to be selected for this pathway. Students will be ranked according to the following selection criteria:

•Literacy and Numeracy testing
•A general aptitude assessment
•Information from teachers and parents

As there will be limited places in this pathway, parents will be notified if their child is offered a position.

To apply for the programs in 2019, applications must be filled out and returned to the Hamilton Road Administration Office by 3pm Friday 12 October.

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