ARTSAdventure 2014

Our Specialist Arts students were recently involved in a series of activities and workshops whilst on their annual two day ARTSadventure. Students were involved in vocal singing workshops, photography workshops, face painting and design workshops, a visual arts drawing workshop at the new Spinifex Hill Studio and worked with the WA Circus School, who flew all the way here from Fremantle.

Our students were taken on a physical journey through the world of circus. Students spent the day warming up, developing new physical skills such as balance and co-ordination and were seen    juggling with bean bags, balls and skittles, rode (well tried to) unicycles and walking with stilts. Pyramid formations were created whilst students engaged with each other and trust was embedded into every performer.

The two days were exciting, challenging and fun and we recommend that all Year 8 SAP students seriously consider attending this wonderful opportunity in 2015. Thank you to the parents for your support as your children had a fantastic time learning the art and world of CIRCUS!

The crew

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