Dear Parents and Carers,

The school has become aware that a number of students are playing a potential harmful game on the social media app “SnapChat”. The particular game within the app is called “Show or Cover”. This game allows users the opportunity to “Show” or “Cover” their name when they respond to questions.

We have found that this game is being used to hurt each other in an anonymous way. Students are being asked specific questions and then having the opportunity to respond anonymously. The answers are then posted for viewing in a snap story.

As you can imagine this can create unnecessary hurtful situations and no good can come from anonymous responses. Furthermore this behaviour could be considered cyberbullying.

I am confident that every member of our Hedland Senior High School Community can see the potential harm from a game such as this. Can I encourage you all to create the opportunity to talk to the young people in your life about their life on line and the impacts their decisions can have on themselves and others.

If you require further support with this matter please contact the relevant Health and Wellbeing Manager (Tegan Walker or Sandie Buzzard) for your child.


Kind regards,


Ryan Govan

Deputy Principal – Health and Wellbeing


Letter attachment: Cyber Safety Snapchat letter