Follow the Dream: Partnerships for Success Program is an academic program for aspiring Aboriginal students, aimed at increasing their levels of achievement through secondary school. Ultimately the aim is to increase the number of Aboriginal students completing Years 11 and 12 here in Hedland and continuing on with tertiary education.

Follow the Dream: Partnerships for Success Program seeks to engage students who show the following:

  • excellent attendance,
  • a desire to do well at school,
  • good classroom behaviour and attitude, and
  • good literacy skills and/or numeracy skills.

Selected students will be invited to sign up for the program. The program operates after school hours Monday to Friday. The program will provide students with on-going advice about careers and school, computer access, tutors, and refreshments. Students will have the opportunity to participate in our camps program, as well as attend other excursions.

To remain in the program students will need to:

  • meet attendance goals both at school and in the program;
  • Be leaders in the school and set an example for their peers; and
  • follow the agreed code of behaviour.

Membership of the Follow the Dream program is a fabulous opportunity for Aboriginal students, and with the support of family, school, and industry, we can ensure that a high level of achievement in education becomes the norm rather than the exception.

For more information about the after school program at Hedland Senior High School email coordinator Tanya Turner at