Dear Parents and Carers

As you are aware the School Board held their Annual Public Meeting on November 30, 2017 in the school library.

The School Community were asked to submit any questions they would like answered at the Public Board Meeting and were given the opportunity to provide these in the lead up to the meeting via the online platform  After receiving feedback that parents often feel a little nervous or embarrassed about asking questions in front of a large group of people, and wanting to give everyone the opportunity to ask whatever was on their mind, we used as this enables people to ask questions either using their names or anonymously.

We received over twenty questions via the platform, as well as many more during the meeting, and would like to thank you all for taking the time to submit these.  Unfortunately, due to time constraints at the meeting the Board were unable to answer all of the questions submitted.  The Board committed to providing all answers for these, please click on the link below for a list of all questions submitted along with answers provided by the School Board Chair, Patrik Mellberg and School A/Principal, Av Swami

HSHS IPS Public Board Meeting Q&A’s – November 2017

Thank you again to all of those who contributed and/or participated by attending the Public Board meeting, your input is invaluable.  There will be another Public Board meeting held on Thursday 22 February 2018, at 4pm, details will be sent out early next year.


Wishing you a great and safe Christmas and New Year!


Kind Regards