Charges and Contributions

Hedland Senior High School’s charges and contributions are consistent with those of other public schools. Voluntary contributions and compulsory charges are essential to provide the resources and consumables used by all students.

School Board Approved Voluntary Contributions for all students:

  • P & C Contributions – The P & C Association welcomes your support at its bi monthly meetings, and invites you to contribute towards its funds which are used to assist the education of students at the school.
  • Youth  Services – This contribution is to provide some financial assistance for the employment of our qualified councillor on site.
  • School Facilities – This contribution goes towards the high costs of running the school pool and upkeep of the school bus.
  • Library – This contribution goes towards the cost of replacing resources in our school library.

All Year 11 and 12 charges are compulsory as well as the charges if your student has chosen to do specialist programs (Kicking Goals, Shooting Goals and/or Specialist Art Program).


Method of Payment

The preferred method of payment is by direct deposit. The details are:

Account Name: Hedland Senior High School

BSB:                     066-543

Account No:       10025636

Please use the students name as the reference, as well as sending the remittance to

Payments can also be made in person via credit card, cash or cheque. If paying by cheque, please ensure your child’s name, your name and phone number are on the reverse side.

For families wishing to pay school fees by instalment, an application form can be obtained by either calling or coming into the Administration.


If you have any queries regarding charges and contributions you have received, please contact the school on 9172 8000.