Mystery at the High School

DSC_0325During Week 8 Scitech visited the high school to run workshops with the students on the topic of forensic science. Students were given a description of a crime that had taken place and then viewed a number of pieces of evidence in an attempt to determine who committed the crime. The types of evidence included samples of hair and fabric, a police report, fingerprints, footprints, soil samples and pen ink. All students worked very well and most of them came up with a suspect for theDSC_0333 crime. The true identity of the perpetrator was revealed during the Scitech presentations on Friday.

The presentations were on the topic of Science careers that students can work towards while they are at high school, and after they graduate. A number of careers in the field of Science were discussed with educational pathways that included achieving various TAFE and University qualifications. Students participated in interactive activities that demonstrated some of the developments that have taken place in Science due to the hard work of people interested in the field.




photo DSC_0317

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