The HASS Department has handed out Expression of Interest Forms to year 9 students for the 2019 Canberra and Sydney Tour. Next year’s tour is scheduled for 29 June 2019 until 7 July 2019 and the final cost will be determined once student numbers are confirmed; however the cost is not expected to exceed $3,000.
The annual tour as become a highlight for Year 9 students and offers a wide range of programs that build understanding of how the country is governed, laws are made, electoral processes and rights, Australian identity, history and heritage. The activities supplement the WA Curriculum delivered for Year 9 History and Civics & Citizenship.
To be considered, students need to:
  • submit an Expression of Interest form
  • demonstrate a good attendance rate (over 85%)
  • demonstrate a responsible attitude and ability to follow school rules
  • display sound academic standing
if your child would like to attend the tour, please ensure they register their interest by completing the attached expression of interest form and return it to HASS Office by 3pm Wednesday 28 November. Late forms will not be accepted.
Notification of a position at camp will be made in writing no later than Friday 7 December 2018.
For more information contact Dillon Webb at 9172 8000.