Leadership Team

Quality teaching staff have the greatest positive impact on student learning. As an Independent Public School, Hedland Senior High School is able to select its own staff, ensuring that those who are appointed best match the needs of the students and the school community. Hedland Senior High School attracts, recruits, coaches and retains many high quality teaching staff who possess specialist skills and experience.

The school equips teaching staff and students with the most up-to-date information and communication technology, enabling access to learning opportunities from around the world. Our staff have an excellent understanding of their subject area and are committed to providing outstanding opportunities that challenge and broaden students’ learning.


Principal – Kelly Summers

T: 9172 8000

E: kelly.summers@education.wa.edu.au

It is a real privilege to have been appointed as Principal of Hedland SHS. I have come to the school with over 20 years of experience in education. Over this time I have had a number of roles in schools and regional offices.

I am committed to regional and remote education; believing that a postcode should not be an indicator of a student’s future success. As a school leader I have an unwavering in the belief that “every child needs a champion” and “the quality of an education system cannot exceed the quality of its teachers.”

As Principal I am committed to building the capacity of all staff to ensure that every student has access to learning opportunities that are tailored to their needs, expand their life experiences and lead to them becoming successful community members.

I truly believe that our school motto “Together we achieve” encapsulates the best pathway to success for our students and school community. It is this belief that will ensure Hedland SHS is the school of choice and achieves results comparative to metropolitan schools.

Deputy Principal – Jayne Tracey

T: 9172 8000

E: jayne.tracey@education.wa.edu.au

I have been employed at Hedland SHS since September 2000 and have been involved in a wide range of positions during that time.

As a current educational leader and Deputy Principal at Hedland Senior High School I have initiated and led change processes using a broad repertoire of strategies that have promoted the development of reflective practices and enhanced student learning.

I have diverse teaching and professional development experiences during which I have gained professional and educational knowledge across education systems in metropolitan and remote locations, from primary, secondary and middle school structures as well as across learning areas.

Above all else, I consider myself a professional educator and team leader and I enjoy my work.

Deputy Principal – Andrea Parker

T: 9172 8000

E: andrea.parker@education.wa.edu.au

I have been at Hedland Senior High School for three years as Deputy Principal, and I am responsible for leading Curriculum and School Operations.

Prior to joining Hedland Senior High School, I held the position as leader of the Health and Physical Education Departments in both regional and metropolitan senior high schools. In my current role I work with staff to develop and implement teaching and learning programs, using a range of strategies in line with the Australian Institute for Teaching and School Leadership (AITSL), the Western Australian Curriculum, and the new Physical Education Studies ATAR course.

I am committed to continuous school improvement to help Students progress in their learning, enabling them to work towards achieving their full potential.

Deputy Principal – Avneil Swami
I have worked at Hedland SHS for 9 years and I am the Deputy Principal leading the portfolio for the Health and Wellbeing of all students and staff.  I moved to Hedland in 2008 as a graduate Physical and Health Education teacher and have been involved in various leadership roles here including, Year Coordinator, Head of Health and Physical Education, and Health and Wellbeing Manager. I am currently studying “The Masters of Educational Leadership Program”, run through the University of Western Australia and will complete studies this year.
My family and I have made Port Hedland home for most of the past decade and enjoy the Pilbara way of life.
I have a passion for educational leadership and have a strong commitment to creating positive academic and social outcomes for our students. Strong leadership, effective teachers, community partnerships and a supportive environment shape the context for students to achieve success; our challenge as a school is to embrace and align these practices. My work is centred on supporting the successful students we have at Hedland Senior High School and the wider Hedland community- Together We WILL Achieve!

Deputy Principal – David Bryant

T: 9172 8000

E: david.bryant2@education.wa.edu.au

I started at Hedland SHS in June of 2017.

I have been working at schools in WA for the past ten years, including most recently in a Deputy Principal capacity at schools in the Goldfields and Gascoyne. My current portfolios include Health and Wellbeing (known in some schools as Student Services) and coordination of the School’s positive behaviour management processes.

My daily work is guided by a deeply held belief that when appropriately supported, all students can make academic progress and demonstrate positive behaviours that are productive to their learning. I enjoy my work as a school leader as it allows me great scope to make a positive difference to many students. My team is energised by their desire to build upon the safe, productive and innovative learning environment HSHS provides all students and we are committed to our shared values of Care, Courtesy, Respect and Responsibility.

I am also very interested in Year 6-7 transition processes and understand the importance of a good start in high school for our students. I recognise the crucial role that parents/carers and the community play in students’ success at school and look forward to close collaboration in the future.


Manager of Corporate Services – Karen Ballantyne

T: 9172 8000

E: karen.ballantyne@education.wa.edu.au

I have worked at Hedland Senior High School since 2000, firstly as a school officer and in the last six years as the Manager Corporate Services. I have been in Hedland for 21 years.

I am responsible of the day to day financial, physical and human resource aspects of the school’s operations and administer all school support staff which include our cleaners, gardeners, education assistants, AIEO’s, school officers, laboratory assistants, home economics assistant, network administrator (IT), library officer and SIDE supervisor.

Head of Department (Science) – Sara Zadnik

T: 9172 8000

E: sara.zadnik@education.wa.edu.au

I am currently the Head of Science and have been at Hedland SHS since 2013. I have taught Science from years 7 to 12, including ATAR Chemistry and Human Biology.

Previously at Hedland SHS I was the Student Council Coordinator, helping students organise assemblies, fundraisers and a successful Anit-Bulling Campaign; and the STEM (Science Technology Engineering Maths) Coordinator. I have also taught Chemistry at Curtin University, as well as tutored Science, Maths and Music to students over the last 10 years.

Head of Department (English) – Sarah Mulhare

T: 9172 8000

E: sarah.patterson@education.wa.edu.au

As Head of the English Learning Area  I have the pleasure of leading a dynamic and very hardworking English Teaching Team.

I have been a teacher at Hedland Senior High School since I arrived in Australia from the UK in 2008.  Prior to this, I had been teaching in a small rural school in Scotland. During my time at Hedland I’ve delivered both English and Literature and have taught students across a multitude of levels.  I have also worked with the Health and Wellbeing team as Year 12 Co-ordinator and Year 7 Transition Co-ordinator.

I am a member of the SCSA Course Advisory Committee for English and am passionate in ensuring that our students have access to the same opportunities as students in the metro areas.  Most recently I was elected to the School Board for 2016 as a staff representative; I am proud to be a member of the Hedland community and to promote the success of our students in all aspects of education.

Head of Department (Humanities) – Johanna Perry

T: 9172 8000

E: jo.perry@education.wa.edu.au

I am a recent arrival at Hedland SHS and have found the students to be a wonderful group of individuals who are polite and courteous with a real thirst for knowledge and social justice.

I have been an Education Department employee since 2002 and have worked in a variety of schools, both metropolitan and in both the Gascoyne and Goldfields. I have a background in History, Sociology and Academic Extension.   I am an experienced teacher and leader of Humanities curriculum and look forward to working with the team at Hedland SHS and the wider community to ensure that our students will achieve.

Head of Department (Technology & Enterprise) – Phillip Murray

T: 9172 8000

E: philip.murray@education.wa.edu.au

My role at Hedland SHS is to lead the Technology and Enterprise learning area (Design and Technology, Home Economics and Business and Computing). My teaching duties encompass lower and upper school metalwork in the Design and Technology subject learning area. This is my 31st year teaching at Hedland Senior High School.

Previously, I completed a Certificate of Trades Studies in Mechanical Fitting at Westrail Midland Workshops, then went on to get my Diploma of Teaching at the Western Australian College of Advanced Education in Nedlands. I completed my Bachelor of Education via external studies through Edith Cowan University during the first few years of being up here.

I have been teaching since 1985. My first school out was Yanchep District High School for a year, then I transferred up to South Hedland and worked at Pundulmurra Campus until Easter 1986 before transferring over to Hedland Senior High School. My area of specialty is Metalwork and Welding.

Head of Department (The Arts) – Laura Francis

T: 9172 8000

E: laura.francis@education.wa.edu.au

I came to Hedland Senior High School half way through 2011 on a short term contract after spending some time living in Canada. I have thoroughly enjoyed the school and being part of the wider community, resulting in staying in town for a number of years.

I am currently the acting Head of Arts, and a classroom and instrumental Music teacher. I have taught a variety of Arts subjects over the years as well as being a Year Coordinator. My previous experience includes teaching primary and secondary classroom music in both Perth and the South West, along with instrumental lessons through the School of Instrumental Music program.

I am passionate about engaging students and giving them musical skills they can develop both at school and individually for life-long enjoyment. Music is an important part of everyone’s lives and I enjoy providing and enriching this experience for students. I am also passionate about supporting students to not only achieve academically, but also in staying mentally and emotionally happy in order to be well-rounded individuals.

Teacher in Charge (Maths) – Sven Colic

T: 9172 8000

E: sven.colic@education.wa.edu.au

After spending just a term here in 2015, I jumped at the opportunity and joined Hedland Senior High School as a full time teacher at the beginning of 2016.

My background in Chemical and Process Engineering has formed the foundation for my passion in Mathematics and Science and their applications in the wider community. These skills are vital in a future Australia, leading innovation in the renewables and technology sector. I want our students to achieve their best in these exciting growth areas.

I have previously taught at Curtin University, teaching several year levels across three specialised units of work: Engineering mathematics, technical risk and safety, and engineering projects.

I am excited to be a part of the Hedland Senior High School Management Team and Staff working together to achieve success in quality teaching, student learning and community participation.

Vocational Education and Training Coordinator – Teneal Russell

T: 9172 8000

E: teneal.russell@education.wa.edu.au

As VET coordinator at Hedland Senior High School I liaise with TAFE for the delivery of Certificates to years 10, 11 and 12 students. I oversee the delivery and training of the students in the Trade Training Centre to attain their Certificate II in Engineering and ensure they are participating in work placement in industry. I coordinate the “GREAT” Nursing program and “Try a Trade” delivery to year 10 students, and I work alongside Mrs Jacqui Hayter, placing students for work experience in years 10, 11 and 12.

I have been working at Hedland Senior High School since 2003, originally coming to Hedland as a Physical and Health Education Graduate teacher. Yes, I have been here for a very long time, but I wouldn’t change it…. I love the school community and it’s “Together we achieve” attitude.