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Hedland Senior High School is the only school that offers a Specialist Arts Program (S.A.P) outside of the Perth metropolitan area. The program is designed to extend talents and skills beyond regular curriculum and classroom projects. Hedland Senior High School is dedicated to offering quality educational experiences to each and every student, the Specialist Arts Program is a fun, informative and engaging way for students to be involved in that vision.

In 2019 students will see some structural and operational changes to the Specialist Arts Program, with the overarching goal to grow the program to become much more than an fun extra-curricula activity. The program also aims to provide more industry relevant opportunities for students interested in Dance, Drama, Singing, Music, Media, Photography and Visual Arts. Students will have opportunities for disciplinary focus to further develop their talents in the areas they are truly passionate about.

Specialist Arts classes will take place after school on Monday and Tuesday afternoons from 2.30 – 4.00pm. Students will have the option to participate in the Performance and/or Production workshops with the opportunity to attend one afternoon a week (or both afternoons) depending on their interests across Arts disciplines.

The workshops are rigorously planned by the dedicated Arts team to engage and extend Specialist Arts students ensuring they build on knowledge, talents and skills in their chosen area/s. Students are expected to attend every workshop and either exhibit their artworks or perform at the showcase and/or musical at the end of each Semester.

Semester 1

Monday afternoons: (student will only participate in one of these options)

  • Dance
  • Singing
  • Visuals Arts

Tuesday afternoons: (student will only participate in one of these options)

  • Media and Photography
  • Drama
  • Music

Semester 2

Monday afternoon: (Students may choose to work in one area or in a variety of areas during the rehearsal and performance period).

  • Musical production team (Prop and set creating and building, including backstage crew)
  • Musical Media and advertising
  • Musical cast rehearsals

Tuesday afternoons:

  • Visual art (this is not related to the musical and is for continued development of your visual arts skills)
  • Possible musical rehearsals (to be confirmed)

This year Specialist Arts Students will have access to a variety of extra-curricular activities including YoHFest, showcases, artists in residence – school musical, WA Ballet, Awesome Arts, Port Hedland Court House Gallery, Country week, Arts Away Adventure – 1 week school camp in Perth or Sydney (to be confirmed) amongst others!

Students who are interested in participating in the Specialist Arts Program for 2019 will be required to complete an application. All students, regardless of whether they have previously been involved in the program or not, will need to complete an application. Applications are open for students in Years 6-12 in 2019.

Please be aware that engagement in the Specialist Arts Program is an extension for students and will therefore incur an additional fee of $150 per year or $75 per semester to cover the cost of materials and resources.

Applications must be returned to the Hedland Senior High School administration by Friday the 15th of February, 2017. Late applications will not be accepted.

All queries to Jasmine McBurney (HOLA – The Arts) on 9172 8000 or


SAP Application 2019