Hedland Senior High School Arts Department has re-opened its applications to join the after school Specialist Arts Program for students in years 6-12 for Semester Two!

The program workshops take place after school from 2:30-4pm where students have the opportunity to participate in Production workshops (Visual Arts, Photography and media) on Tuesdays or Performance workshops (Drama, Dance and Music) on Mondays, or both if they have interest in both disciplines.

Through the passion of students and teachers in The Arts department we create and maintain an environment of enthusiasm, respect and imagination in a rich and dynamic artistic space.

The Specialist Arts Program will enhance students understanding of arts forms and how they are constructed for different audiences, allowing for the demonstration of higher levels and a direct contribution to the surrounding local and wider community, further embedding The Arts as an area of academic rigour and cultural engagement at Hedland Senior High School.

Mid-Year applications have opened to join the program where interested students can fill out the Mid-Year SAP Application 2018 form. Students interested in participating will be expected to attend every workshop and either exhibit their art works or performance at a Showcase at the end of each Semester.

Please be aware that engagement is the Specialist Arts Program is an extension for students and will therefore incur an additional cost of $75 for Semester 2 to cover the cost of materials and resources.

Applications must be returned to the Hedland Senior High School administration by Friday the 29th of June, 2018