The Graham (Polly) Farmer Foundation, WA Department of Education, BHP and the school community established the Hedland Follow the Dream program in 2003 – It was known as PHEPs (Port Hedland Educational Partnerships).

Today, the program supports the academic aspirations of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander students to reach their potential by maintaining high rates of school attendance, lifting academic performance and improving graduation rates.

Not just a homework club

The program is focused on the long-term goal of students successfully completing secondary education and moving into successful post-school pathways including university, apprenticeships, traineeships or direct employment.

To achieve these goals, intensive mentoring, tuition support, camps, career development and pathway planning for when students finish school are offered. School based tutors are available at the Follow the Dream learning centre within the school from 2.15pm to 4.30pm Monday to Thursday. The tutoring helps students extend their study, catch up on work and finish assessments.

In 2019, 73 students attended after school sessions. 44 tutors dedicated 1193 hours of tutoring time to improve student outcomes.

The program takes advantage of the incredible opportunities available in the Pilbara, with close links to some the world’s largest resource projects, students are introduced to a diverse range of future career opportunities in the region and across Australia.

Follow the Dream: Partnerships for Success Program seeks to engage students who show the following:

  • excellent attendance,
  • a desire to do well at school,
  • good classroom behaviour and attitude, and
  • good literacy skills and/or numeracy skills.

To remain in the program students must maintain a GOOD STANDING within the school. Also, they must be leaders in the school and set an excellent example for their peers.

If you would like to apply to join the Follow the Dream program the application forms can be found at student services.

For more information about the Follow the Dream Program please call 08 9172 8037 or email