Students Trip to Study Gas Hub Issue

On the 14 April 2013 the LEAP class went to Broome to study the James Price Point gas hub issue, which was part of our English work on understanding and writing persuasive texts. Although the trip was just a few days after the project was cancelled it was a very worthwhile trip as we had the special privilege to talk to three of the stakeholders for this issue; Woodside, The Broome Shire Council and Environs Kimberley. We learnt a lot from the companies and it helped us to do our project in class.


Woodside prepared an animation and a slide show that explained a little bit about their company and how they mine and process the gas. Woodside also explained why they pulled out of the project. They stated that the project was simply too expensive and it would actually drive the price of gas up.


The Brome Shire Council was next. We met with the Shire President, who explained the effect the gash hub would have socially on the community and also the environmental issues. He explained if the hub went ahead it would have a negative effect on the community.


Last was Environs Kimberley who explained the massive negative effect on the marine life, plants and how it would add more CO2 into the atmosphere (therefore increasing WA’s emissions by 50%). Environs Kimberley stated that the hub would be an environmental catastrophe and it should never go ahead.


We found all the meetings informative and interesting. Having the experience of hearing from people who wanted to persuade us helped us to understand how people are persuaded. Some of us even completely changed our minds! “This trip has changed my life,” says one student, “I used to believe that business and the economy was more important than a few plants and fish. After the trip I was convinced that the damage to the environment wasn’t worth it.”

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