Hedland Senior High School is excited to be working with the School of Isolated and Distant Education (SIDE). SIDE is Western Australia’s leading K–12 distance education provider. Thousands of students across Western Australia undertake their education with SIDE’s specialist teachers based in Leederville, Perth. Founded in 1918, the school has become a cutting-edge e-school and as such, can offer exceptional educational opportunities for our students.

SIDE allows our students to study subjects that they have a particular interest in, even when there is not enough students interested to fill that class, or we would be unable to find a specialist teacher in that subject, for example, certain LOTE (Languages other than English) subjects.

SIDE also caters for students who have experienced a “timetable clash” that would have previously meant that they had to choose between two subjects. Students can now do both subjects – one as a regular class and one through SIDE.

The educational hub for SIDE is called the Saba Classroom. It has developed over the years to become the exciting web conferencing tool used by SIDE. As well as allowing students and teachers to discuss details online during scheduled lessons – in real time – we also use the technology to offer students extra-curricular experiences that were impossible only a few years ago.

SIDE offers:

  • the same subject choices as most metropolitan secondary schools
  • a comprehensive choice of WACE and Vocational Post Compulsory courses
  • written and audio visual materials customised for the distance learning student
  • kits to accompany many courses
  • a fully equipped Resource Centre that has an extensive book, video and audio tape library with research and loan facilities

To see if Hedland Senior High School and SIDE can offer the educational pathway you desire, then please contact us, or consult the website below:

We look forward to sharing this exciting, technologically rich learning space with our students into the future.