Follow the Dream

Follow the Dream: Partnership for Success, PHEP Program is a voluntary program for high-achieving Aboriginal secondary school students. The program provides after-school tuition and individualised mentoring, support and case management to assist and support these students to continue achieving excellent outcomes at school, complete Year 12 and obtain university entry.  The program also includes high-achieving and motivated students undertaking vocational education and training (VET) pathways, provided they meet the program’s selection criteria and their inclusion does not detract from the program’s strong educational excellence focus and culture.  The program is characterised by the following key features:

–  It is a voluntary program that primarily targets high-achieving Aboriginal students in secondary school, who have university, TAFE and VET aspirations and demonstrate the appropriate school results, attendance and behaviour to achieve such ambitions. The program helps students to constantly strive for excellence, set challenging goals and take the necessary steps to achieve them.

–  Hedland Senior High School provides well-resourced tuition and supplementary, personalised learning opportunities specifically for the students in the program during and after school hours.

–  The learning and support programs that are offered are tailored to the specific needs of the participating students and their circumstances. Nonetheless, it typically includes activities such as subject and career counselling, cultural activities, university visits and preparation courses, study skills seminars, guest speakers, leadership development camps and opportunities, and tours of local industry and post-school employment opportunity sites.

Further information regarding this program can be found on the Polly Farmer Foundation website.