Year 11 and 12 EST and Exam Timetables

Next week is the beginning of the Year 12 Externally Set Tasks (ESTs) which will be followed by the Year 12 Exams and then the Year 11 Exams.

All students have received their personalised EST Timetable and/or Exam Timetable. For parents, a link to a full timetable for Year 11s and Year 12s can be found below. These timetables will show a complete schedule of ESTs and exams and if you would like any additional information, please call Becky on 9172 8000.


Week 4
15th May to 18th May – Year 12 Externally Set Tasks (ESTs) for all students studying General courses.

Year 12 students will attend their classes as usual and will sit the ESTs as per the EST Timetable.

Year 12 Externally Set Task Timetable Semester 1 2017


Week 5
22nd May to 29th May – Year 12 Exams for students studying ATAR courses.

For Year 12 students doing 4 or more ATAR subjects, class timetables are suspended for Week 5.

Year 12 Exam Timetable Semester 1 2017


Week 6
1st June to 8th June – Year 11 Exams for ATAR students
Year 11 Exam Timetable Semester 1 2017

We wish all of our students good luck!

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