Dear Parents and Caregivers

Hedland Senior High School Year 7 students have been invited to audition for the St Cecilia’s musical for 2018 “Melted”. Some of our students took part in this while in primary school last year.

St Cecilia’s Catholic Primary School’s whole school Arts performance musical Melted was so successful in 2017 that the Matt Dann Theatre has offered them the opportunity to put this on for all of Port Hedland this year. This is an incredible opportunity, but one which will take much planning, organisation and a clear commitment from those students who wish to be in the show.

St Cecilia’s are offering any interested Year Seven students the opportunity to audition for one of a small handful of available roles in the musical, a process which will happen within the next week. Year Seven students who were St Cecilia’s students in 2017 are also invited to re-join their Arts group to join in this year’s version of the musical.


Please see attached letter from St Cecilia’s and the application form: Year 7 Audition Notice_EOI Application


Kind Regards

Laura Francis

Head of Learning Area- The Arts

Tel: 9172 8000.