YOHFest 2013

Students from across the Pilbara converged on the Matt Dann Theatre recently for the regional heats of Yohfest 2013. Exploring the health-related theme of Lifestyle, students from Hedland SHS, Karratha SHS and Paraburdoo Primary wrote, directed and choreographed a variety of different works. Hedland SHS entered three group drama works, each vastly different, but all student-centred, student-driven and entertaining – “Unhealthy Circus”, a Rocky Horror Show style musical number,  “It’s hard to break a pattern” using the format of channel surfing TV, and the spoof “Fat Fighters” which definitely achieved the most laughs from the audience. Senior Drama students wrote and performed Original Solo pieces, exploring characters as diverse as an apple awaiting purchase in a supermarket, the Grim Reaper persuading others to take on her job, and a puppet commenting on the nature of being controlled. The Senior Dance students choregraphed and performed a piece about Hedland lifestyle titled “Born and Bred”. It was a full and entertaining evening, as always proving that the performing arts is an effective medium for students to explore issues that are important to them.

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