Youth Speaker Simon Clegg visits the high school

simon cleggYouth speaker Simon Clegg inspired Hedland students on 29 August conducting workshops with students and giving advice to parents and teachers in an exclusive after school session. Simon’s presentation was humorous, raw and engaging and tackled some of the big issues facing our youth – bullying, self-esteem confidence and resilience. To parents he gave strategies on how to deal with the “grunting” teen and to navigate the journey that is your child’s teenage years.
Simon’s stories were embraced by some students, who days later were seen laughing to themselves. On inquiry into the students reason for laughing; “I was thinking of Tama” the student responded with a smile. The story of Tama, a friend of Simon’s,  was used as a metaphor for paying attention to what you tie yourself to in life, because every attachment comes with it a consequence.
Simon spoke with all year group throughout the day delivering workshops “Pressure Makes Diamonds” and “Love is Greater than Hate”. He delivered the “Understanding The Teenage Human” workshops for teachers and parents.

A video summarising Simon’s visit can be found on Youtube at the following link: Simon Clegg video

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