Connect is the Department of Education’s interactive tool designed to help school’s communicate efficiently about coursework, events and important information. The integrated online environment lets teachers create interactive learning areas where they can engage with students and share with parents the coursework that’s occurring in class. Connect allows a school community to connect with the right people and the right information any time and in anyplace.

Staff can link websites and documents, provide resources for students, broadcast messages to their classes and engage in online tools to keep students and parents up to date with events and deadlines.

Students are able to use the online platform to hand in assignments, ask questions, access notes and work together on assignments.

Parents are able to keep informed and up to date with what their children are doing to be able to help with their child’s learning.

Access to Connect can be found here

Additional information and step by step instructions can be found below:

Parent Flyer

Parents – FAQ

Parents Quick Guide

Step by Step Guide for Parents

Parent Guide – Connect Now

Parent Guide – Student Reports

Guide to Class Discussions for Students