Country Week Day 3 (Competition Day 1)

A very cold and early start greeted students and staff, with squad photos to show off how great everyone looked in their full Country Week uniform. Then, it was on to the Opening Ceremony, followed by the first taste of competition for all teams.

Everyone put in a great effort, with results as follows:

◾️Boys Basketball – Hedland SHS (65) defeated Denmark SHS (35)

◾️ Girls Netball – Hedland SHS (23) defeated WACoA Harvey (15)

◾️ Dance – Scored 95/100 during their Contemporary rehearsals

◾️ Mixed Touch – Hedland SHS (13) defeated Bunbury SHS (3)

◾️ Boys Volleyball – Hedland SHS (0 sets) lost to North Albany SHS (3 sets)

◾️ Girls Volleyball – Hedland SHS (1 set) lost to Geraldton SHS (2 sets)

◾️ Speech and Debate – Hedland SHS (220) lost to Bunbury CC (224)

This was followed by a well-earned feed at Hillarys, before a good night’s rest in preparation for a big second day of competition!


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