Each student’s personal well being and social support is of paramount importance to the staff at Hedland Senior High School. Students have access to the services of specialist staff at Student Services, including:

  • School Psychologist
  • Health and Well being Manager
  • Youth Workers
  • School Nurse
  • Year Coordinators
  • Chaplain
  • Aboriginal and Islander Education Officers

These skilled professionals provide students with counselling, health and wellbeing advice, course and career advice and mentoring. The Student Services team has also been proactive in fostering links with the local community and agencies including developing joint programs and services with the Youth Involvement Council, Youth Leadership Coalition, Juvenile Justice and Youth Pathways.

Small class sizes allow for the effective operation of a pastoral care program that focuses on each student as an individual. Staff are committed to working with parents and encourage a partnership approach to effectively support each child’s learning and development.

Hedland Senior High School also encourages students to demonstrate consideration of the needs of others and display accountability for their own actions. Leadership and social interaction opportunities are provided to students of all year levels, ensuring a balance is struck between academic and social achievement and recognition of social and community responsibilities.

The school provides a range of opportunities to enhance students’ self esteem and organisational skills in number of areas. Positions of responsibility are available to students at a variety of level – from Student Council representatives to captains of sporting teams and class groups. All students are encouraged to achieve to their potential, lead with integrity and actively support their school and community. Developing leadership skills will positively impact on students’ preparation for life and will empower them to take their place in and evolving world.