As a parent or carer you play a vital role in your child’s learning. Building a positive relationship between home and school plays an important part in the education of your child. Effective communication is the key to the success of this relationship. Hedland Senior School is committed to responding promptly and helpfully to your enquiries, concerns, suggestions and feedback.

Before contacting us with an enquiry or concern you may want to:

  • Talk with family and friends to clarify your enquiry
  • Write it down, or make a list of relevant information specific to your enquiry.

The next step is to call and speak with or make an appointment with the most appropriate person at the school.

You can do this by either calling the school on Tel: 9158 1900, or you can email the relevant person’s email address if you know it, or the school’s general email inbox: Alternatively, you can write to the school, however, any enquiries and concerns received in writing are responded to in writing.

The flowcharts below provides a guide as to who is the most relevant contact person for specific enquiries. If you are uncertain please contact our Administration for guidance.