At Hedland Senior High School we have a vibrant Arts Learning Area. We have exceptional practical facilities including; the Matt Dann Cultural Centre  (a theatre which seats 300 people) including a foyer area, green room and state of the art lighting/sound box. Also a Dance studio with mirrors and a sprung floor, a Music room with two practice rooms and a Music technology studio, two Art rooms, fully equipped with a kiln and printmaking facilities, as well as a Digital Photography studio and Media Lab.

We promote excellence across the arts, including general arts classes and specialist arts classes and our staff are highly trained in at least one of the Arts disciplines offered. These highly skilled teachers are experienced in teaching, have a working knowledge of all the arts disciplines, and possess exceptional arts management and production skills.

We provide ongoing pathways in Senior School that builds students confidence and management in community events and performances. Such opportunities allow for students who want to enrich their learning through the development of arts ideas, skills and processes and creative and critical thinking. Students accessing the Arts at HSHS participate in The School Production, YohFest, Music Showcases, the annual Visual Arts, Media and Photography Exhibitions, Music ensembles and Instrumental lessons.

Hedland SHS is one of three schools in the state, that are fortunate to have a Specialist Arts Program (SAP) that offers four disciplines; Dance, Drama, Music and Visual Arts. This is a highly popular selective program that students can only enter through application. Students involved in the SAP program or The Performing Arts are regularly involved in showcases held every year. This includes performing on stage, working back stage and exhibiting art and photography works.

We have a large department and we offer a range of arts disciplines, including;

Dance is for students who love to move and have fun. It provides a unique opportunity to develop physically, creatively, emotionally and intellectually through both practical and theory components.  A variety of genres are explored such as jazz, contemporary and cultural dance. Opportunities are explored through movement and investigation and students will also develop their understanding of dance as entertainment, and its place within society. Students are required to perform for an audience in the dance styles studied and view a live performance.

Drama offers students an opportunity to develop confidence in communication in individual and group situations. Students achieve Drama outcomes through the key activities of creation, performance and reflection. They explore and communicate ideas and learn particular processes and skills to enable them to work with drama forms, styles, conventions and technologies. Students have access to acting and non-acting roles in a creative and specialised environment.

Music- our Music program encourages the musical development of our students through the areas of class music, instrumental music and ensemble participation. Students learn about musicianship, aural and theory skills. Students listen to and analyse music from a range of styles, including classical, jazz and contemporary. Musical understanding is developed through both theory and practical work. Students also develop their performance skills through in-class performances and community events.

Photography- Our classes aim to develop student’s understanding and skills in Photography, Graphics and Visual Design. Student’s design skills, ideas and responses are a major component for this course and are applied to a variety of photographic projects. Many camera skills and techniques are developed along the way. The equipment and software are to an industry standard as is our state of the art digital photography centre.  This subject area suits students who wish to pursue a career in this area as well as students who see photography as a personal interest that they want to develop.

Visual Arts-“It Is the Process That Leads to Quality Work”. A hands on practical and enjoyable course for students who love Art.  The course is almost entirely practical and there are no exams.  Producing quality work and meeting deadlines is important.  Choose it if you wish to work in an active and creative environment, producing work in a variety of skills areas like painting, drawing, printmaking, ceramics, textiles and graphics.

*Specialist Arts Program- Outstanding opportunities are organised through partnerships with successful artists, actors, musicians and dancers who inspire and mentor students. Students in Year 9 attend the annual ARTSadventure and spend time working with local practitioners, along with the Fremantle Circus School. In Year 10 they attend the annual ARTSaway which involves a camp to Perth, whereby students access all the top venues that offer arts education. This unique extension program is designed to enrich students’ artistic talents in a supportive local environment. Students have many opportunities to exhibit and perform their own works as well as participate in community programs.

Current disciplines in SAP at Hedland SHS include Dance, Drama, Music and Visual Arts. This program has been the recipient of several educational awards and is one of only three specialist programs in Western Australia that offers and trains students across all of these Arts disciplines.

For further information, please contact Head of Learning Area: Jasmine McBurney