At Hedland Senior High School, exceptional academic results are just one part of the overall schooling experience we strive to deliver for every student. Successful Hedland students are not only academically successful – they’re strong team members, they care for others, and they want to give back to the world.

We have created an environment where students obtain real-world knowledge and hands-on skills, and develop the emotional and social intelligence needed not only to become active life participants, but also to be strong leaders.

Our history and culture emphasis excellence across all areas of education, not just within a program or class. Through this drive we empower each individual Hedland Senior High School student to reach their true potential and enable them to achieve success in whatever pathway that inspires them, and in turn, become successful and informed adults.

Our staff are committed to working in partnership with you and encourage you to be involved in your child’s learning as much as you can. This will effectively support your child’s learning and development – as captured by the school motto ‘Together We Achieve.’

Ethos and Values

Members of the Hedland Senior High School community share and promote four core values which the school curriculum is underpinned and shaped by.





Staff, students, parents and the wider community at Hedland Senior High School model and apply these values as they pass the school gates.

Our motto Together We Achieve promotes a modern and unified educational institution which values cultural difference, promotes excellence in teaching and learning and empowers students to contribute positively in a world of constant change.

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