Here at Hedland SHS administrative support staff perform important roles, keeping the school running in the background.

Administrative support staff reports to the Manager Corporate Services and comprises of the Business Support Officer (BSO), School Officers, Library Officer, IT support Officer and the Network Administrator.

The BSO provides assistance administering the financial resources and assets of the school and works closely with the Manager Corporate Services.

School Officers administer the operation and maintenance of the school databases, create and prepare materials for publication both printed and online, organise staff travel for professional development, create appointments for senior staff and Health & Wellbeing professionals and undertake student-related activities including collection of enrolment documentation and uploading enrolment information into the school records database. At all times School Officers maintain a high level of confidentiality and professionalism.  The school Officer is the first point of contact when you ring or visit the school.

The Library Officer is responsible for supervising the day-to-day operations of the library and provision of reference, information and associated services to teaching staff and students. At Hedland SHS the library officer is part of the school officer team and when required, you will see them in other areas such as Student Services or the Administration office.

The Network Administrator and IT Support Officer are responsible for the provision of comprehensive data and telecommunication networks throughout the School as well as the design, configuration, installation, maintenance, and repair of network systems, servers and server room environment.

Network Administrator: Shoaib Khan

IT Support Officer: Alexis Damien