At Hedland Senior High School we pride ourselves on providing students with opportunities in both their curricular and extra-curricular lives. Students leave Hedland Senior High School recalling more than simply classroom learning. The recall experiences on excursions, sporting events, music and helping the community. At Hedland Senior High School we believe these experiences are integral to education and developing skills outside the classroom.

We celebrate and encourage student participation in these activities which provide community and social connection as well as allow students to challenge their perceptions of their own and other potential, while broadening their horizons through developing skills and knowledge in a dynamic setting.

At Hedland Senior High School, there’s every opportunity for students to make their unique mark on the school and the world. For more information on programs available for students, follow the links.

Clontarf Foundation

Follow the Dream

Shooting Stars

Specialist Arts Program

STEM Program

Success Program


Trade Training Centre