Student Life

House System

House System

The House System at Hedland Senior High School seeks to celebrate accomplishments and foster a sense of identity and belonging.

When students commence their schooling journey with us at Hedland Senior High School, they are placed into one of our four school houses: Ashburton, DeGrey, Fortescue or Sherlock. Every House is made up of students from Years 7 through 12.

At the start of each day students attend their Homeroom known as GEL (Grow, Empower, Learn) with the students that are in the same house.

Students can participate actively in the school community, which gives them the chance to hone their skills and abilities and receive a variety of forms of recognition for their accomplishments.

It is encouraged of students to actively contribute to their House’s success. All students are expected to participate in Inter-House competitions throughout the year, and both individual and team efforts are rewarded.