The Hedland Senior High School Student Sustainability Committee is a new and exciting opportunity that aims to improve and maintain our local and wider natural environment.

Students that participate in this great initiative will have the opportunity to participate in excursions, meet guest speakers, local community leaders and work within and outside of the school to develop sustainability initiatives.

Students will make positive and ground-breaking contributions to the school’s sustainability initiatives and work as leaders within the school to inspire their peers to do the same to protect and maintain the environment for the future.


We, at Hedland Senior High School, believe that it is both an individual and collective community responsibility to look after the traditional lands on which our school is situated upon. We acknowledge that our school is responsible for a lot of waste, just as many other schools in Western Australia are.

It is the aim of this school to not only reduce our waste via whole school actions, but to inspire future generations to live in an environmentally sustainable manner. We aim to educate our students about the consequences of waste on our environment, and that through actions, individuals have to power to make a positive impact in Hedland and the wider community. By adopting a whole school sustainable approach, we can ensure that our school grounds will be cleaner, our wildlife and environment remain healthy and that we help students to become responsible, environmentally conscious citizens.

Some exciting opportunities that students may be involved in:

  • Assisting Year 6 students and teachers during Orientation Day in Term 4 to be eco-friendly and sustainably conscious.
  • Offering guidance, support and information to students and staff in the school about sustainability
  • Positively promoting eco-friendly practices
  • Listening to guest speakers
  • Possible incentives
  • Going on possible excursions
  • Becoming educated on sustainability practices through films and documentaries
  • Being involved in introducing recycling and composting practices in the school
  • Having the chance to meet leaders in the community and become leaders during Year Assemblies and other school events

Some of the roles and responsibilities of students:

  • Paper recycling
  • Containers for change collection
  • Being a part of fortnightly meetings, sharing ideas, information & resources (to be held during recess or lunch and facilitated by Sustainability Committee members)

The personal qualities required for successful applicants:

  • Having a positive attitude towards all leadership opportunities
  • Having a positive mindset and being a role model for HSHS’s values of care, courtesy, respect and responsibility
  • Providing helpful and friendly advice to all HSHS students about sustainability
  • Being committed to eco-friendly practices and the committee throughout the year


The Sustainability Committee will at times, utilise outside parties. The process for these parties is to contact the committee directly. It will then be the committee’s responsibility to liaise with the appropriate HoLA, or in the case of no HoLA, the line manager when communicating between parties.

All initiatives set out by the committee should be approved by the school principal.

Additional policies include:

  • The strategies of reduce, reuse and recycle will become a part of everyday activities within teaching and learning.
  • Decision making at all levels will be reflective of the reduce, reuse and recycle strategy.
  • We learn from the community and teach the community about litter and waste.
  • We make it easy for the students to reduce, reuse and recycle.
  • We purchase items that help to reduce waste.

For further information, please contact the Sustainability Committee Coordinator: Courtney Junk